& Roo

the well-lived life is not a spectator sport



Rivet hole driven like bullet

Faux marble linoleum floor

Dirt and shoes

Phones. OMG, the phones. 

Sneakers far more branded than mine. 

Sometimes stripper pole. 

Camo-clad neighborhood rats. 

Cowboy boots with leggings on top. 

Men's manicured nails

Pre-worn floppy wingtip boots

Distressed jeans with a two inch cuff

A lot of marlins swimming in the middle of the Pacific, knowing the coast is just too constrained for them. 

Delancey st. Essex st.  Transfer to the J

We trade an Asian American couple for two well dressed African Americans. 

This train feels like America. 

This train feels like opportunity. 

This train feels like a blessing

That all of us have been made our way here is a miracle.